Friday, January 13, 2012

The Wort Experiments - Part 1

For the last few months our brew cooperative members have been sampling the fresh wort during the all-grain brewing process and have come to the conclusion that it is a mighty tasty drink in itself. That has inspired us to start investigating how feasible it would be to brew this tasty liquid like tea or coffee so that it could be enjoyed daily. We've done some preliminary calculations and tests and this is what has been concluded so far...

3 oz of malted grain should yield one strong 12 oz cup of wort. The best wort style (by informal member voting consisting of slurping noises and head nods) is a darker style such as that used for stouts and porters. Therefore we have developed the following recipe:

East of Elon Tasty Wort Beverage

2 2/3 oz Rahr 6-Row Malt (crushed)
1 oz Fawcett Pale Chocolate Malt (crushed)
1/3 oz Weyermann Chocolate Wheat Malt (crushed)
2 cups of hot water @ 175-180 F

Combine grains and water in a teapot, stir well and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes depending on desired strength. Strain/pour fresh wort into a mug and enjoy!

This recipe yields a strong and chocolaty wort that is perfect for both breakfast or a relaxing evening beverage. And since wort has no caffeine, it won't keep you up all night.

We're continuing our testing so stay tuned for future posts, recipes and developments.

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