Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Developments at East of Elon

We've had another long gap in posts to the East of Elon blog, but I promise you that is at an end. There have been way too many great things happening at the club to not mention them here. Since the spring we've been busy brewing, meeting new members and expanding our all-grain brewing knowledge. Now more than half of our brews are all-grain and they are turning out great. We added a 10-gallon all grain set-up to our inventory of equipment and it has been working like a champ.

If you're interested in one, we bought the Delux AGS - 10 Gallon from Northern Brewer

This simple but effective kit ended up being almost the same cost as if we had bought all the components separately. It's proven itself to be a solid performer with only the occasional stuck mash which is easily remedied by a little blow back up the drain hose. Check back soon for more updates including our next escapade which is brewing single servings of Wert in a coffee maker.