Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And so it begins...

Beer, meet internet. Internet, beer. Ok, so now that we are all acquainted, how 'bout that drink? Welcome to the East of Elon Taproom, your port in the sobering storm otherwise known as Burlington.

Ever had that What am I doing with my life feeling? You know the one that tickles you like a spinal tap when some absent-minded coed publicly mistakes you for a townie.

I am Jack's raging bile duct...

It was then, channeling Tyler Durden (minus Project Mayhem and Bob's bitch tits of course), that the East of Elon Taproom and homebrew co-op formed. We hope this blog will draw others to our cause like a shining beacon. 

Each week we will brew our own beer to our taste. Never again will we settle for the average swill swaddled in limp silver and blue cans. If we want to throw in a sprinkle of coriander or a fifth of bourbon in our batch, well by golly no one is going to stop us. 

Sure, we will have our setbacks. We might even brew a stinker. But it will be our stinker and these things tend to get better with age. 

So, at the risk of going all Bill Pullman during the final showdown with the aliens in Independence Day, I will simply invite you to join us as we figure this whole brewing thing out. It still takes just the same four ingredients our ancestors have been fermenting since they came down from the canopy. 

Did I mention there's free beer...

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